Our Software

Ellution Chromatography Data Station is an advanced chromatography Software package developed in conjunction with DataApex.  Ellution makes collecting and processing data from one of our instruments simple and then generating reports easy, thanks to the clear structure and intuitive graphical user interface.  Full Control of Ellutia Gas Chromatographs is included as standard to make it an advanced & integrated piece of software.

The system’s optional extensions enable implementation of specific methodologies.

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Our Hardware

Ellutia offers Ellution hardware for a variety of requirements, including A/D converters for data acquisition, control boards for LC control and precise analog signal generator devices.

This hardware can be synchronized with Ellutia’s autosampler or Chromatograph, or can be supplied as standalone hardware.


The Colibrick is a precise and stable high resolution external 24-bit A/D converter unit. The Colibrick converts signal from any detector with analog output to digital form. It contains up to four independent data-acquisition channels. Features include:

  • Continuous integration of input signal
  • Integration frequency up to 400 Hz enables Fast GC application
  • Excellent reliability and temperature stability

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The CB20 card contains four 16-bit D/A converters and four 28-bit frequency (D/F) converters as well as eight auxiliary logical inputs and outputs. The CB20 card helps to control LC pumps, which are using the Ellution chromatography software. Features include:

  • Especially designed for control of analog-operated pumps through Ellution chromatography stations
  • LC pump control is available as an option to the Ellution program

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The Validator is a precise analog signal generator device. The Validator can either be connected directly to the Ellutia A/D board 37-pin connector through the extension cable or through the terminal board to any other data acquisition device. Four sets of chromatogram data are stored in Validator.

  • Converter guarantees full monotonicity, good linearity and no missing datapoints
  • The signal resolution is 20bit

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