Ellutia offers a range of gas chromatographs, GC accessories, software, and consumables. Ellutia’s instruments are designed and manufactured in the UK at the company headquarters. The instruments are designed to be compact with great energy efficiency, whilst also delivering industry standard analytical performance. Ellutia works closely with its customers and regularly produces fully customized systems tailored to their individual requirements rather than delivering off the shelf products. It is this working relationship with customers and the flexibility to adapt that sets Ellutia apart from other GC manufacturers.


Ellutia started life as Cambridge Scientific Instruments in 1994.  The company was founded by Phillip James.  The initial product line consisted of a range of accessories for the chromatography market.  These included an electronic bubble flowmeter and electronic programmable pressure controller for gas chromatography, as well as a column oven and vacuum degasser for liquid chromatography.

Cambridge Scientific Instruments also offered consulting services to help companies with product development and engineering.  During this time, Cambridge Scientific Instruments helped develop the Flash and EZ Flash Ultra-Fast GC Systems.  The compact 200 Series GC was the next product to be developed, and won multiple awards for its innovative design.

The wealth of expertise in chromatography and engineering combined with the 200 Series GC meant the company was able to start offering more bespoke, customized GC systems.  This ability and to deliver one off custom solutions tailored to a specific customer’s needs grew to become one of the most important parts of what the company could offer.

In 2010 Cambridge Scientific Instruments rebranded as Ellutia. This decision was taken to help grow the company and to develop a unique brand that could be used worldwide would be recognized as the leader in chromatography solutions rather than just a scientific instrumentation company.

In addition to the main headquarters in the UK, Ellutia now has divisions in Germany and the USA and continues to grow year on year.

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