Article: TEA detection for nitrosamine analysis in malt

Beer Today February 2019 Spokesperson: Andrew James Andrew James discusses the use of a gas chromatography in combination with the thermal energy analyser detector for the determination of NDMA in malt. Large breweries have long used GC for quality control and quality assurance, but it has not been financially viable for craft breweries, until recently. [...]

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Article: Detecting toxic chemicals in your beer

Brewers Journal March 2019 Spokesperson: Andrew James One challenge brewing laboratories are faced with is the risk of the production of NDMA during the malting process. High levels of NDMA can pose a number of risks to human health including, liver damage. Learn about how TEA technology can help int he detection of NDMA to [...]

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Article: Forensics Europe Expo Showcases Digital, Trace Evidence

Forensic Magazine March 2019 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia Forensics Europe Expo, the continent’s largest forensic conference, has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few years. Forensic Magazine speaks to Ellutia's Marketing Director, Andrew James, about Ellutia's exhibition at the conference and their work in the forensics market. Read the full article here.

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Article: The Importance of Quality Control in the Cannabis Industry

Analytical Cannabis January 2019 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia In the cannabis market, there is a shift in focus from recreational to medicinal. The legalisation of cannabis is also driving the need to ensure quality control and standardized testing. Up to now, testing of cannabis has been sporadic and there is no universally agreed standard to which [...]

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Article: Looking for Carcinogenic Nitrosamine Compounds in Beer

The Column November 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia Carcinogen-containing compounds can develop through some manufacturing processes, such as in the malting process for beer. Thermal energy analysis (TEA) is able to quickly identify and analyze N-Nitro, N-nitroso, and nitrogen-containing compounds and Andrew James, Marketing Director, describes the importance of monitoring these compounds. Read the full article [...]

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Article: Nitrosamine Testing: Accelerating Speed to Market for Crop Protection Products

Food Safety Magazine September 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia Crop protection plays an integral role in boosting food production to meet the needs of a growing world population. The crop protection industry is one of the most highly regulated in the world. New products must be thoroughly tested—including quantification of compounds, such as carcinogenic nitrosamines—in order [...]

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Article: Cannabis Quality Control Testing Using Gas Chromatography

Cannabis Science and Technology June 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia The cannabis industry has been struggling to keep pace with the changing attitudes toward the drug. With no standardised regulations for quality control between states or countries, there is a huge gap to fill in terms of rigorous testing.  Andrew James, Marketing Director at Ellutia, discusses [...]

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Article: QC = Quality Cannabis

The Analytical Scientist April 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia In many regions, cannabis is now considered by the public as a medicine. However, compared to pharmaceutical industry standards, it is easy to see where it falls short in terms of rigorous safety and potency testing. Andrew James, Marketing Director at Ellutia, discusses the need for [...]

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