Article: Nitrosamine Testing: Accelerating Speed to Market for Crop Protection Products

Food Safety Magazine September 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia Crop protection plays an integral role in boosting food production to meet the needs of a growing world population. The crop protection industry is one of the most highly regulated in the world. New products must be thoroughly tested—including quantification of compounds, such as carcinogenic nitrosamines—in order [...]

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Article: Cannabis Quality Control Testing Using Gas Chromatography

Cannabis Science and Technology June 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia The cannabis industry has been struggling to keep pace with the changing attitudes toward the drug. With no standardised regulations for quality control between states or countries, there is a huge gap to fill in terms of rigorous testing.  Andrew James, Marketing Director at Ellutia, discusses [...]

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Article: QC = Quality Cannabis

The Analytical Scientist April 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia In many regions, cannabis is now considered by the public as a medicine. However, compared to pharmaceutical industry standards, it is easy to see where it falls short in terms of rigorous safety and potency testing. Andrew James, Marketing Director at Ellutia, discusses the need for [...]

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Article: Ensuring quality and consistency with gas chromatography

Beer Today March 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia The craft brewing industry is experiencing significant growth. This boom in independent breweries is considered to be a direct response to increased demand from consumers for better quality, flavour and a greater choice of locally-sourced beer. Andrew James, Marketing Director at Ellutia, discusses how GC is a very powerful tool for [...]

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Article: Gas Chromatography: A Powerful Tool for Cannabinoid Analysis

Chromatography Today February/March 2018 Spokesperson: Andrew James, Ellutia The rules and regulations in place within the whole cannabis industry supply chain, both in the US and the EU, have resulted in a lack of rigorous cannabis testing as well as a lack of clarity on what testing is required. Our marketing director, Andrew James, discusses [...]

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