Brewing/beer analysis

In beer analysis and brewing, complex mixes of compounds uniquely characterise each alcoholic beverage, creating the individual aromas and flavours consumers enjoy.

Whilst the majority of added compounds enhance the desired aroma and flavour aspects of a beverage, trace components can contribute off-flavours and odours.

These compounds can be generated by:

  • Contaminants in raw materials used in the beverage
  • Migration into the beverage from process equipment
  • Packaging materials and degradation of naturally-occurring flavour compounds due to oxidation
  • Exposure to light or heat

Accurately profiling the compounds contributing to flavour and aroma, is essential in ensuring product quality.

Ellutia’s GC solutions are designed to be smaller, faster, give greater sensitivity and be more energy efficient. They are used widely in the brewing industry, particularly since the craft brewing sector has been experiencing significant growth thanks to soaring consumer demand around the world.