Analysis of natural gas and the calculation of its calorific value are important factors for both consumers and energy producers. We offer a range of systems for natural gas analysis that are based upon ISO and ASTM methods. Components analysed by the systems include:

  • N2
  • CH4
  • CO2
  • C2H6
  • C3H8
  • iso- and n-butane
  • neo-, iso- and n-pentane
  • C6+

Ellutia’s newly launched ultra-fast 500 Series GC is particularly suited to PetroChem Analysis.

Customisable High Purity Gas Quality Solutions

Bottled gas can refer to gases which have been produced either as industrial gases, high purity gases, or gas standards – all of which require analysis for certification or QA checks.

We offer tailored solutions to solve these analytical problems and customisable solutions, such as:

  • Automatic gas injection valve
  • Multi-dimensional GC with more than 1 detector
  • Fully automated to perform analysis or on line
  • Analysing after each run, or on hourly, 2 hourly etc. basis.

To discuss your petrochemical and high purity gas analysis challenges, contact us today.