Our Autosamplers

Ellutia’s range of autosampler products can provide customers with a unique solution whether they require an automatic liquid sampler, a smaller sampler or syringe recognition.

Ellutia‘s auto-samplers include:

EL28OT all in one:

For more information about the EL280, contact us today.

EL2000H Headspace sampler:

  • Ideal solution for headspace injection
  • progressive sample transfer into the oven assures that one sample is heated while the previous one is analysed
  • RSD up to <1%
  • Through a short flow path, it eliminates any source of error

For more information about the EL2000H Headspace sampler, contact us today.

EL3000A liquid autosampler:

  • Automatic liquid autosampler designed for gas-chromatographic techniques
  • Near-to-zero requirement for bench space
  • Sample rack can be removed for sample loading or preparation
  • Full-colour touch screen interface
  • Space for 121 samples
  • Fastest liquid autosampler available on the market

For more information about EL3000A liquid autosampler, contact us today.

EL3100A liquid autosampler:

  • Automation for processing up to 15 samples unattended.
  • Can be configured to serve up to two injectors
  • Zero operator training
  • Can mount different types of syringes with volume from 0.5 to 100ul

For more information about EL3100A liquid autosampler, contact us today.

EL3200A liquid autosampler:

  • 209 2mL sample vials
  • EL3200A features the innovative SyringeID, a proprietary technology(*) based on RFID tags
  • Integrated Bar Code Reader (BCR) can come with every EL3200A unit, offering you full and detailed sample tracking

For more information about EL3200A liquid autosampler, contact us today.

500 Series Autosampler:

  • 105 position 2 ml trays
  • Syringe and syringe holder
  • Provides automation to your liquid and headspace SPME analysis including fibre conditioning, sample extraction and fibre desorption.
  • Maximise productivity through overlapping prep routines to optimise GC productivity

For more information about 500 Series Autosampler, contact us today.