Case Studies

Case studies illustrate how our customers have met and overcome real-world challenges across the different markets we work in.

Sharing these lessons learned from the customers helps us to showcase how we might be able to help you.

Click on the links below to download our latest customer case studies:

Cannabis analysis

Shamanics, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a cannabis oil extraction company that produces high quality CBD products. Click the link to read how Shamanics collaborates with Ellutia to provide quality and tested products to its consumers.

Forensics analysis

Dubai Police has one of the most highly regarded Science and Criminology Laboratories in the world. The department recognises how chromatography can be an extremely valuable tool in the detection of explosives. See how Dubai Police uses TEA analysis by Ellutia for explosives identification.


GC is a commonly used analytical technique and a skill in high demand. Students that have access to hands-on laboratory experience can set themselves apart from competition. See how Ellutia is working with universities on developing the next generation of scientists through innovative gas chromatography equipment.

Custom solution

Syngenta provides products and solutions to help farmers achieve global food security for a growing population, in a sustainable way. Click on the link to see how Syngenta uses our new generation customised TEA to accelerate speed to market.

Custom solution

Amorim, based in Mozelos, Portugal, is the world’s largest manufacturer of cork solutions. Amorim uses next generation customised detection system by Ellutia to optimise cork analysis times to deliver the world’s first fully natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee.


Premier Analytical Services has become one of the most respected food testing centres in Europe and provides specialist research, development and testing services to all sectors of the food industry. Premier Analytical Services uses the Ellutia TEA to determine pre-formed NOC presence in foods.

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