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Chromatography Solutions

At Ellutia we create systems that solve your analytical challenges.


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Offering a different solution.

For Over 25 years, Ellutia has provided unique chromatography solutions to analytical problems.

Our range of instruments, detectors & accessories allows us to so offer truly unique solutions to problems, others cant or won't solve.

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Product Highlights

Happy Customers

Working with Ellutia is always a pleasure. The specialists at Ellutia draw on a wealth of experience in their design of chromatographic equipment to bring solutions to real life challenges in chemical analysis. They are friendly, helpful and enthusiastic
R.C. Treatt & Co. Ltd
Ellutia has provided valuable service to me over the years with the sales team working hard to identify the best solution (in cost and performance terms) followed up by knowledgeable service engineers prepared to go the extra mile to get things up and running.
Heriot-Watt University
Four years in waiting for this (200 Series FID GC), searching worldwide for a compatible partner that can give us all we required. To think you have been under my nose all this time, I’m so happy to have found you and even better that you are top of your field in analysis technology and we speak the same language (technology requirements and language). It’s been a great journey to this point and now with science on board it’s going to get better for our patient members, thanks again.
Terapéutico MÁ

GC Flowmeter

Accurate and repeatable gas flow measurements are a crucial part of obtaining good results from your Gas Chromatograph. The new 7000 GC Flowmeter makes gas flow measurement easier and more accurate, helping to eliminate user errors.

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Scientist measuring flow using Ellutia Flowmeter with Gas Chromatograph-11

Thermosorb-N Air Sampling Cartridges

The Thermosorb-N air sampling cartridge makes accurately monitoring airborne nitrosamines a simple process. Designed specifically for nitrosamine analysis to prevent false positive and negative results.

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Thermosorb air sampling cartridge on workbench-1

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