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Responsible ECD disposal

Ensuring safety and compliance in Electron Capture Detector (ECD) Disposal

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Simplified Disposal Process - P/N 28020002

Ellutia makes ECD disposal hassle-free with our simplified three-step process. Whether you're dealing with detectors containing Nickel 63 our streamlined approach ensures compliance with regulatory requirements while prioritising environmental responsibility.



Simplified Disposal in the Three Easy Steps:

Get started by reaching out to Ellutia to verify the type of detector scheduled for removal. Once confirmed, we will create a personalised disposal quote for your specific detector.


We will arrange the transfer of the detector, provide a detailed receipt documenting the transfer of radioactive materials for your records and statutory reporting.


Ensure compliance with statutory regulations and EEC guidelines. Contact us for EEC transportation and paperwork protocols, and consult local authorities for international sites outside the EEC.


Sustainable Waste Disposal Simplified

It is a legal requirement to dispose a radioactive source via an approved channel. Ellutia is licenced to handle and dispose of the Ni63 Radioactive ECD 370MBq or 550MBq Detectors, our simplified and eco-friendly ECD disposal is just three easy steps away. Choose us for a hassle-free, compliant, and environmentally conscious solution. Contact Ellutia today to start the disposal process and contribute to responsible radioactive material handling.

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