500 Series GC

Conventional, Fast & Ultra-Fast GC in a Single instrument

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500 Series Gas Chromatograph


Developed and manufactured at our UK HQ, the 500 Series Gas Chromatograph is a unique new concept in gas chromatography. The instrument can perform conventional, fast and ultra-fast GC, removing the requirement for multiple systems. This is the only GC machine that can offer this flexibility for the customer.

Save Time

Ultra Fast GC can decrease you analysis cycle times by up to 10 times.

Save Space

The 500 Series GC has one of the smallest footprints in the market saving valuable laboratory bench space.

Save Energy

Energy consumption per sample dramatically reduced compared to other conventional GC’s.


The 500 Series GC comes equipped with a temperature programmable injector as standard.  The Injector can be used as a conventional split / split-less injector isothermally.  The injector also has the capability to be rapidly heated to temperatures of up to 600C at rates of up to 900C/min.

  • Temperature Programmable with split / splitless capabilities
  • 10 programmable ramps
  • Temperature range ambient+20C to 600C
  • Maximum isothermal temperature 450C
  • Maximum ramp rate 900C min

Column Heating

Conventional GC

When using the 500 Series GC in conventional mode, the GC can accept standard capillary and packed columns.  These are then heated in a hot air oven.  The 500 Series GC uses the unique patented heat exchanger flow through the oven system. Originally developed for the 200 Series GC the innovative technology delivers industry-standard heating performance whilst dramatically reducing energy consumption.

Ultra-Fast GC

The 500 Series GC can also perform Ultra-Fast Chromatography when used with metal ultra-fast GC Columns.  When in Ultra-Fast mode rather than using the hot air oven to heat the column, an electrical current is passed directly though the column resistively heating it.  This allows for significantly faster temperature ramping, and then because only the column has been heated rather than an entire oven, the cool-down time is greatly decreased.

Conventional GC

Conventional GC

Conventional GC uses standard Capillary collumns and air blown oven.

Fast GC


Fast GC uses shorter narrow bore Columns to reduce analysis times.

Ultra-Fast GC


Ultra-fast GC uses directly heated Columns to achieve much fast temperature ramping. Greatly reducing analysis cycle time


A Choice of detector options


Flame Ionisation Detector


Electron Capture Detector


Thermal Energy Analyser

Transfer Iine

Heated Transfer Line


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