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Nitrosamines in Malt:

Ensuring quality & safety

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Controlling nitrosamine levels in malt

Malt is a critical ingredient in beer production as it provides the sugars needed for fermentation and contributes significantly to the flavour, colour, and body of the beer. However, during the malting process it is possible for nitrosamines such as NDMA to form. Nitrosamines are carcinogenic which are harmful to consumers. Controlling these levels are vital to ensure the safety of your products. Breweries only want to work with suppliers who can guarantee the safety of their products.


The 800 series TEA can be used to accurately determine the levels of NDMA and other nitrosamines in malt.




At Ellutia we know that you want your products to be used to make the best beers possible and that your customers can trust they are safe. In order to do that you need to ensure that you are not offering products that have high levels of nitrosamines that could potentially be introduced into the final product. The problem is you are often relying on external testing to confirm that your products are safe. Which can make you feel the safety of your products is out of your control and taking too long.

We understand the challenges of nitrosamine analysis, which is why we designed the 800 series TEA specifically for the detection of nitrosamines.  


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