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800 Series TEA

Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector

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Are you in need of swift and accurate identification and analysis of N-nitroso, N-nitro, and nitrogen-containing compounds? Look no further! At Ellutia, we have over 25 years experience in Gas Chromatography Solutions, fully grasping the significance of precision and reliability in your work. Our proven track record stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment.

Let Ellutia's cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expertise amplify your analytical potential. Maximize productivity, accuracy, and safety in your analytical processes with the Ellutia 800 Series TEA Detectors. Trust in our commitment to excellence and let us empower your journey to new analytical heights.


Experience heightened efficiency and accuracy in your analysis with our solutions:

    1. Highly sensitive in Nitrogen containing compounds.
    2. Highly selective in Nitrogen containing compounds.
    3. Interfaces with most GC systems.

How Does it Work ?

NO cleaved from compound of interest

As compounds elute from the GC column they pass through the pyrolyser where NO groups are cleaved from the compounds of interest.

NO Reacts With Ozone in Reaction Chamber

No Reacts with Ozone in the reaction chamber and a photon of light is generated

Light Detected by PMT and Signal Generated

Light is detected by the Photomultiplier and a detection signal is generated

Application Areas

Airborne Nitrosamine

Airborne Nitrosamine


Nitrosamines in Pharmaceuticals

Nitrosamines in Pharmaceuticals

Selection of pharmaceutical drugs on a table

Trace Explosive Analysis

Trace Explosive Analysis

Ensuring Accurate Explosives Detection the TEA System

Interface Options.

GC Interface

The 800 Series TEA can be interfaced with the most common models of Gas Chromatograph.

Total Nitrosamine Interfaces

For Total Nitrosamine Analysis (Volatile and Non-Volatile Nitrosmaines), the 800 Series TEA can be interfaced with an automated total nitroamine analysis system.

HPLC Interface

The 800 Series TEA can also be interfaced for custom applications such as to an HPLC system.

Unlock analysis excellence! Connect with us to experience the power of Ellutia's 800 Series TEA Detectors. Swift identification, versatile applications, and tailored solutions await. Let's elevate your analysis together - reach out now!


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Customers We Have Helped

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Works with Empower 3 software. Uses research grade oxygen. Very reliable instrument. Love this piece of equipment.
Stephen Whitenack
Application Area: Analytical chemistry. TSNA's in tobacco/e-vapor products
TEA is a very useful instrument. I use it to detect traces of organic explosions in many different types of samples. It is a very sensitive detection instrument and not complicated. We get help from engineers if we have any problems. Gives us great clear results. I like to work with it.
stars 5
Hamda Ali - Dubai police
Analyze traces of explosives
The new system enables us to run 5-6 times more samples and is much more automated than the previous one. There is no calibration or fine-tuning required, it’s pretty much press a button and go! The footprint of the system is much improved, freeing up valuable space in our lab. Featuring an ozone destroyer, the system eliminates the safety risk of ozone leaks and the dry spiral pump requires no oil change or maintenance, just a simple filter change about once a year. We have seen significant productivity gains, reduced costs on maintenance and more accurate results.
Kirt Durand - Syngenta
Great Instrument. Very happy with the purchase!