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Billy Lupson

Production Technician


Allow us to introduce Billy Lupson, our remarkable Production Technician who has made a significant impact on our team with his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment. Equipped with a completed computing course, Billy became a part of our team and swiftly excelled in his role. He takes pleasure in soldering, a skill he hadn't explored before. Billy plays a crucial role in our operations, skilfully manufacturing Ellutia systems, calibrating them, and generating their certificates.

While the intricacies of Billy's job might appear intimidating to an outsider, he embraces the challenges. He is persistently evolving and learning, finding his tasks progressively more comprehensible over time. Billy flourishes in our welcoming and relaxed work environment, appreciating how it mitigates stress levels.

Born and raised in Haddenham, a charming village in Cambridgeshire, Billy continues to call this place home. When stepping away from his professional duties, Billy relishes in undertaking personal challenges. Over the years, he has successfully built his own computer, independently taught himself video editing and guitar playing. His curiosity and thirst for learning never cease, as he plans on mastering 3D software like Blender next. When it's time to unwind, Billy embraces a relaxed and casual approach. You'll often find him comfortably lounging in his pyjama’s, enjoying his favourite music, and delving into interesting YouTube content simultaneously. His leisure time often involves strumming a new melody on his guitar or diving into a lively gaming session with friends.

Billy lives by the philosophy, "it is what it is," reflecting his realistic and down-to-earth approach to life. A dedicated Star Wars enthusiast, his favourite quote is a powerful line from the iconic character, Darth Vader: "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

In a parallel universe where he's not the tech-guru of our production department, Billy would probably find his calling in the IT sector. His inquisitive nature would prompt him to invite a figure tied to an unresolved mystery or a significant historical persona to dinner, aiming to unearth intriguing insights from their era. When it comes to travel, Billy keeps an open mind, preferring a range of new experiences over a single dream destination.

Should he be bestowed a superpower, Billy would opt for super strength. Despite appearing ordinary, Billy contends it is the most practical superpower for everyday life, and best of all, it can be kept a secret. Let's celebrate Billy Lupson, our music-enthused, gaming-addicted, mystery-intrigued Production Technician, who harbours a fondness for the power of strength!



 "I am pleased to have started my career in this amazing company, I have thrived in this environment, continuously learning and developing my skills to become a master in my field. Each day brings a new opportunity to utilise our Innovative Approach, allowing us to develop and apply unique technologies and techniques to challenge the status quo. I am pleased to have the chance to shape the future of our industry, proving that there's always a different, often better, solution waiting to be discovered."

- Billy, Production Technician.