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Ganesh Madikeri Ramesh

Software Engineer


Greetings, everyone! We are excited to present Ganesh Madikeri Ramesh, our skilled Software Engineer, who brings a wealth of valuable experience to our team. Specialising in embedded systems, Ganesh is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software to ensure smooth operation across various platforms.

Having also achieved distinction in his Master of Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, Ganesh combines technical expertise with business acumen. During his tenure in Japan, he played a pivotal role in finalizing product development and testing, showcasing his on-site expertise and project delivery skills.

For Ganesh, software engineering is an art—a craft of sculpting the brains behind machines to operate seamlessly and efficiently. Hailing from India and currently residing in Cambridge, he finds joy in both professional and personal pursuits.

Beyond his engineering role, Ganesh is a passionate sports enthusiast, regularly engaging in football and cricket while maintaining fitness through gym sessions. Family holds a special place in his heart, with parents and a brother also involved in the software industry. Adding an international flair, his fiancée, working in IT, resides in Singapore.

In his downtime, Ganesh enjoys sports, fitness routines, and spending quality time with loved ones. His motto, "Every problem is an opportunity in disguise," reflects his optimistic outlook and problem-solving approach.

Ganesh's leadership skills shine through his past achievements, including leading his cricket team to victory in a corporate tournament. Inspired by Wayne Rooney's exceptional skills and leadership qualities, Ganesh admires the dedication of the football icon.

Dreaming of teleportation as a superpower, Ganesh envisions a world where distance is no barrier to exploration. With his diverse skills and passion for excellence, Ganesh is a valuable asset to our team, driving innovation and success in our endeavors.



Driven by our core value of continuous improvement, I approach my role as an embedded software engineer with a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a solid foundation in software development and a passion for solving complex problems, I strive to enhance my skills and contribute meaningfully to our team's success. Through continuous learning and innovation, I aim to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of embedded systems, ensuring that our products remain at the forefront of technological advancement.

- Ganesh Madikeri Ramesh, software Engineer