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Neil Green

Finance Director

Financial Director at Ellutia

Allow us to present to you Neil Green, an exceptional individual who holds the position of Finance Director at Ellutia. With his incredible accomplishments, Neil carries the responsibility of overseeing the company's entire financial ecosystem, guaranteeing its seamless operation and ultimate success. His role spans high-level tasks such as cash flow forecasting and annual budgeting, right down to maintaining the monthly management accounts, handling payroll, settling bills, and ensuring timely follow-ups with customers. His robust role forms the backbone of our smoothly operating business.

A Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Neil brings a wealth of knowledge in accounting and taxation to his role. Prior to joining Ellutia, he honed his skills over 30 years, providing advice to owner-managed businesses, thereby gaining valuable practical experience. In a recent endeavour to expand his skillset, Neil successfully completed the 'Help to Grow: Management Course,' funded by the HM Government, demonstrating his continuous commitment to professional development. 

Born and raised in Ely, Neil continues to live and thrive in his beloved hometown. Beyond his professional life, Neil is a fervent supporter of Arsenal and relishes his visits to the Emirates Stadium.  Neil also has a love of music concerts (naming Blur, Coldplay, Elton John, Duran Duran, Nile Rogers and Take That amongst his favourite live acts seen), taking his dogs for a walk, and trying to play golf.

Neil's heart finds its home with his family. He shares his life with his wife Nicola, their two grown-up children, Tom and Chloe, and their pets: two dogs named Bert and Luna, and Wibble, the cat.

Had Neil not pursued a career in finance, he admits to having been attracted to the role of a sports journalist, an indication of his passion for sports. His dream dinner guest would be Tony Adams, a sports hero he admires for overcoming numerous challenges. His favourite travel destination is the picturesque Greece, and if bestowed a superpower, he would wish for a form of time travel to eliminate the need for flying. Let's hear it for Neil Green, our seasoned, strategic-minded, and diligent Finance Director, who infuses our team with a dynamic blend of professionalism and a spirited approach to life.




"As the Finance Director at Ellutia, I find that our value of 'Deliver Success for our customers' resonates deeply with my role. I view our financial health not as an end goal, but as a crucial means to create value and facilitate success for our customers. By managing our resources efficiently and making strategic financial decisions, I aim to ensure that our company continues to innovate, solve complex analytical problems, and meet our customers' needs without constraints. My role goes beyond numbers – it's about contributing to our customer's journey and their ultimate success."-

Neil Green, Finance Director