800 Series TEA

Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector

The Ellutia 800 Series TEA detectors are able to quickly identify and analyse N-nitroso, N-nitro and nitrogen containing compounds. Application areas include explosives analysis and carcinogenic nitrosamine testing. Accessories such as the Thermosorb-N air sampling cartridge for monitoring airborne nitrosamines and the chemical stripping glassware system for total nitrosamine analysis provide further functionality.

800 Series TEA detector

How does it work ?

What does it interface to ?

The 800 Series TEA can be interfaced to most common models of Gas Chromatograph

For Total Nitrosamine Analysis (Volatile and Non Volatile Nitrosmaines) the 800 Series TEA can be interfaced to an automated total nitroamine analysis system

The 800 Series TEA can also be interfaced for custom application such as to a HPLC system.

Application Areas


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