Automated Total Nitrosamine Analyser

Analysing Total Nitrosamine Content

Nitrosamines are carcinogenic compounds that can be found and formed in many products.  This has been a particular issue in the pharmaceutical industry recently.  Traditional approaches to the analysis, such as by mass spec, have been challenging due to the low detection levels required, the possibility of false positives, or even missing.  This system takes a unique approach of using the combination of a chemical reaction targeting nitrosamine compounds, then detection by a detector with very high selectivity and sensitivity for nitro/nitroso compounds. Rather than speciating the various nitrosamines present, the system gives a single quantitative result down to 1 ppb for the total nitrosamine content. This means both volatile and non-volatile nitrosamines are measured at the same time. This process is automated to allow a high sample throughput.  This makes it ideal for screening a large number of samples rapidly.

How does total nitrosamine analysis work?

Benefits of Total Nitrosamine Analysis

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    Automated Total Nitrosamine Analysis System