Our Gas Chromatographs

The Ellutia Gas Chromatograph product range performs conventional, fast and ultra-fast gas chromatography with both an air blown oven and directly heated columns, achieving the separation and analysis of compounds.

With Ellutia’s GCs, which include the new ultra-fast 500 series GC, the compact 200 series GC and the HPGA (High Purity Gas Analyser), customers can now detect a wide array of compounds in a broad range of applications.

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200 series GC:

  • Compact and great for mobile use
  • Uses minimal power, therefore more environmentally friendly
  • Costs less but still produces the same high-quality solution
  • Maintains full GC control with Ellution software
  • Low service maintenance & low cost of spare parts
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500 Series GC:

  • Unique temperature programmable injector Can be used as conventional split-splitless or with rapid temperature ramping.
  • Perform conventional and Fast Chromatography using compact air blown oven and patented low energy heat recovery heating system to deliver industry standard performance.
  • Perform ultra-fast chromatography using directly heated columns.
  • Full colour touch screen display.
  • Full GC control with Ellution Software.
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HPGA (High Purity Gas Analyser) GC:

  • As standard, Ellutia high purity gas analysers are suitable for mounting in a 19” rack
  • Up to 4 switching valves can be fitted, depending on the application
  • The column oven can contain up to 6 packed columns with VCR fittings for full multi-dimensional chromatography
  • All systems are fitted with a high purity getter and stainless steel diaphragm regulator with VCR fittings
  • Systems can be configured for both online and manual analysis

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GC Inlets

Our GC Inlets are now designed to be installed easily onto virtually any make or model of Gas Chromatograph. The patented low thermal mass design of the inlet body, together with direct resistive heating, provide fast linear temperature programming up to 600°C at rates as high as 60 °C/s.

Optic 4 Multimode inlet:

  • Works from cryogenic temperatures ( -180 °C) to very high temperatures (600 °C)
  • Heats up quickly with the ramp rate ranging from 1 °C/sec to 60 °C/sec
  • Allows up to nine temperature and flow steps to be programmed
  • Offers interface solutions for LC-GC, LCxGC or SEC-Py-GC/MS

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